Like all departments, Human Resource has an obligation to the organization to control costs. To control these costs however, companies must first be in a position to measure them, as information regarding company’s performance is critical in maintaining its competitive advantage. Part of this equation is a need to effectively gather and analyze data on personnel; mystro gives organizations this ability and allows HR truly to function as a strategic, value-enhancing department.

Human-Resource departments operate in a dynamic environment, and therefore, demand a solution that meets all the current needs of the day. More importantly, this solution must be flexible enough to evolve with the HR department and the organization itself, as and when the marketplace dictates.

Through maximum utilization of the latest technology, mystro enables organizations to have impetus to become more, efficient, more productive and more organized. Significant cost saving can be achieved and HR departments are provided with a valuable strategic tool ensuring effective and efficient use of an individual’s time.

Built with different governmental laws in mind, mystro HR & Payroll system will help you run your administrative affairs even when your organization grows to more than 500,000 employees.

Our HR & Payroll system will provide you with detailed information on the state of your employees’ salaries, leaves, indemnities, work statuses, loans, health insurance, attendance, appraisals, bonuses, penalties, legal documents, and many more.

MYSTRO HR & Payroll System is a Client Server Human Resource and Payroll Management Information System. Written in the latest version of Microsoft .NET and SQL Technologies.

When initially designing the system, we made sure we parameterized as much of it as we could, allowing simple on the spot modifications by modifying a few parameters. This also allows the users of the system to make as much changes in the way the system works as possible without reverting back to us to make these changes.